Notes on Usage
Accessing the restricted area

Bioinformatics services located within the "restricted area" are accessible only with valid username and password (the same as you may already use to access

All Hungarian nonprofit NIIF/Hungarnet users (employees and students of universities and nonprofit research institutes) are entitled to use the biocomputing facilities of the Hungarian EMBnet node (HEN) located at the Agricultural Biotechnology Center (ABC), and maintained by the Bioinformatics Group and the Computer Center of ABC.

If you do not yet have a user account, please fill in this form and mail or fax it to the Computer Center of ABC.

Additional notes for local users

If you want to use these services from a Windows computer located within ABC, you must explicitly disallow Windows to use proxy when accessing the computers,, and (this must be set in your Internet configuration options).


If you have further questions, send an e-mail to